Carnival Paradise Cruise May 2019 ; Family activities to do on a cruise

If you are looking for an affordable way to travel with children book a cruise! Seriously, it is our favorite way to see the world and have a little R+R. We recently went to Cozumel and Grand cayman on the paradise. (I will make a separate blog for these ports) There are so many activities for the whole family to enjoy, not to mention all the free food!!

The paradise is a smaller ship, which was totally fine with us because we have only ever been on one other ship. (the Fascination) My mother, Step-father and Sisters came along with us. Y’all we are so in love with cruising for real and now my mother is hooked as well. We wasted no time and booked our next family cruise the week we got home! ( Thanks Mom!! Haha)

Waterworks!! Everyone had fun here. Unfortunately children who aren’t potty trained are not allowed in the pool or the water slides. I was extremely bummed about this because we have a one year old, BUT there was plenty of fun activities to do. It ended up not being as bad as I had made myself believe.

Mini Golf

Although she looks like a pro in the first picture, she didn’t grasp the concept haha. She still had a blast running around and making up her own mini golf rules. The deck is fenced which you can see in the picture, it was one of my favorite places to let her run around without having an anxiety attack! It was extremely windy up there not sure if it was just that day or if it’s always that windy, dress appropriately.

Dr. Seuss Breakfast

The Dr. Seuss breakfast! It was worth the extra $5 per person. We got to see The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 AND Thing 2 as well as Sam I Am. You have the option to purchase the professional photos. However my little girl wasn’t exactly thrilled once the characters came close to her so we opted out.

We were able to order as many dishes as we pleased! I had the green eggs and ham which was actually pretty good! We signed up for the breakfast on the first day, there was a booth set up in one of the hallways leading to the lido deck. Dr. Seuss held his breakfast on the last sea day.

We also attended :

-The Dr. Seuss Parade, which lead us to Dr. Seuss story time. It was super cute the crew took volunteers from the audience to preform Horton hears a who!

-The towel animal folding class, followed by a towel animal puppet show. Here’s a photo of one of the animals I made.

-All of the playlist productions! They were amazing!! Be sure to go to the pre-show fun so your able to get a great seat. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the shows but I highly recommend seeing them all. The little one usually ended up falling asleep during them, but before her sweet dreams she enjoyed them as well.

– The ship also has a small arcade. It was perfectly fine for a one and ten year old to have a little gaming fun. The games were cheap to play but we all ended up spending a good amount of money and time in this little arcade! Next cruise I will save up an arcade fund haha surprisingly every time we went it was just our family in the arcade thankfully because it was extremely small.

– For the adults there is a casino $$$. We had a lot of fun in there as well, children are not allowed in the casino of course. We didn’t use the night owl program (night babysitting) because we had my mother to watch our little one. There is a night babysitting program if you want to go have some adult time. It does cost extra, however camp ocean is free it is only offered during the day. Our girl was too young for camp ocean the age limit is 2-11 for the camp.

There’s so much more that I didn’t mention All the deck parties and other activities like C.L.U.E, Bingo, Comedy shows and the list goes on. If you want to know about the excursions we took in Cozumel and grand cayman stay tuned!

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